Juvenile Justice Defense Attorney For Minors And Their Families

Has your teenage son or daughter been charged with a crime such as vandalism, theft, underage DUI, underage drinking, a drug offense, violence that may have occurred at school or elsewhere, a weapons offense, manslaughter, murder or a sex crime? A young person facing criminal charges such as these often faces suspension or expulsion from school as well as penalties through the juvenile justice system.

Defense of minors in criminal matters is a distinct form of criminal defense work, requiring special skills. Attorney Adrienne Dell in San Jose, with years of experience in criminal defense of all kinds, has honed skills relevant to juvenile justice cases, including:

  • A proven ability to work well with parents and teens charged with offenses
  • An understanding of sentencing alternatives that often prove effective in juvenile justice matters
  • A proven ability to intervene effectively when school penalties are a real possibility or already underway

‘If I Can Be Helped Through Court-Appointed Counsel, Why Hire Your Own Juvenile Defense Lawyer?’ — Here’s Why.

It is common for parents, who learn that court-appointed defense lawyers are an option, to consider saving money by going that route. Many soon discover, however, the great difference between a court-appointed attorney with a heavy caseload and a private defense lawyer who has time and the motivation necessary to work closely with the family in pursuit of a truly individualized resolution to the young person’s “trouble with the law.”

Attorney Adrienne Dell applies due diligence to every criminal matter, including juvenile justice cases. Personalized representation may include:

  • A thorough investigation of alleged evidence, including collaboration with polygraph experts and other private investigators
  • Psychological evaluations and counseling if appropriate
  • Determined pursuit of rehabilitation options rather than punitive sentences

Stand Up For Your Teenage Child’s Future After A Criminal Arrest

Particular pathways selected early in a juvenile justice case can make a great long-term difference. Defense lawyer Adrienne Dell is available to fight to keep your young person’s case in a juvenile court rather than an adult court. This is one of the most important ways to protect your child’s future during the challenging juvenile justice process.

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