Testimonials – Read What Our Clients Are Saying

Powerful and Thorough

Adrienne helped me through a very stressful criminal trial. She was by my side legally and personally for the long number of days it took things to settle. With her amazing help and support I got the complaint dismissed and got back to living my life again. I will always be grateful for her legal support and compassion.

-Theresa on Apr 27, 2014

Top Level Attorney

I worked as a Correctional Deputy for over twenty years in Santa Clara. During this time I interacted with Ms Dell and observed her dedication to her work and conscientious approached to all of her clients. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

-Dwayne on Oct 14, 2013

Adrienne Dell was a life saver assisting my son. Her professionalism & knowledge in the court room was excellent. I was impressed by how well known & respected she was in the court system. She is very compassionate about her job. I knew nothing about the court system & she was able to make a horrible experience easier as she walked us through the process. I would highly recommend Adrienne to family & friends if needing an attorney !!

-Debbie on Sep 30, 2013

Miss Dell was referred to me by a friend….. I was very grateful for all that she did and little did I know how well known and respected Miss Dell was in the court system. My friend was in very good hands and had an excellent lawyer. I very highly recommend Adrienne Dell.

-Susie on Sep 30, 2013

She’s the BEST

My daughter was charged with a serious felony. She had no serious problems previously. I hired a well known very expensive attorney who used scare tactics to convince me we needed him. Fortunately, I discovered early on that he was not doing all that he could do to help us. I began calling other attorneys for their opinion and that is how I found Ms Dell. I spoke to her at 9 am and by 4pm she was filing in court to help us with something that had a deadline of that day. I cannot emphasize enough how Ms Dell’s professionalism and knowledge of the system, along with her passion helped us at a very crucial time. She isn’t cheap, but well worth every penny. You can trust her to get the job done.

-Lisa on Dec 14, 2010

Extremely knowledgeable defense attorney with lots of experience. Former public defender with lots of compassion. A true advocate. No pushover

-Mitchell W. on September 30, 2013

Adrienne is my go to attorney. She is a veteran attorney who has not lost her warmth and compassion. I would trust her with my life.

-Chrissi S. on October 13, 2013

I recently had a dispute with my partner of 17 years. Things got out of hand, we had an argument that I tried to deescalate by calling on a peace officer. Long story short, the officer told my partner and me, “if we are called out, someone has to be arrested.” Unfortunately, I was the one who was arrested. My partner and I called on ms. Dell. She gave us great advice and anticipated everything that was to take place. Ms. Dell handled everything, even relieving me from going to court so I could still go to work. Keeping in constant contact, I was always aware of what was going on. My case was dismissed, now me and my domestic partner can go on and live our lives with peace and education about this circumstance. Thank you, we will always be grateful.

-D.E. on October 19, 2014