Charged With Domestic Violence? Talk To A San Jose Defense Lawyer.

Domestic violence occurs when one member of a relationship uses physical or emotional abuse to gain power or control. This abuse can occur between family members, spouses, a child, a parent or cohabitants. Domestic violence situations typically involve strong human emotions and instinctive actions and reactions that have nothing to do with criminal intent. A private dispute becomes a public matter when domestic violence charges come into the picture.

Was It Really Domestic Assault Or Abuse — Or Just A Heated Argument?

Time and again, an argument or fight between lovers or spouses turns into a criminal case unexpectedly when one party calls the police in an attempt to control or punish the other. Your spouse, partner, significant other or cohabitant may have changed their mind even before the police arrived but it was too late to prevent your arrest. If you were the one who called, you may have tried to recant, to no avail. This is because police are primed to make an arrest after a domestic violence call for help.

Throughout 33 years as a criminal defense lawyer, attorney Adrienne Dell has observed that most couples in domestic violence cases reconcile. The criminal case takes on a life of its own and becomes a challenge that both fight together.

Whether your domestic violence case matches this description or involves greater degrees of alienation between you and your significant other, housemate or family member, you owe it to yourself to get a skilled, dedicated defense attorney on your side. Adrienne Dell is prepared to fight for your rights and your future in the face of domestic violence charges or accusations.

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